Follow the construction of our new floating dock

HAT-SAN shipyard started construction of our new dock in May 2019, and the floating dock was delivered in July 2020 from the Turkish shipyard. Beginning 2021 the floating dock was placed at a new constructed pier adjent to the Orskov Yard North facilities. The floating dock is designed with focus on easy operation, safe working environment and reduced impact on the surrounding environment. All equipment such as cranes and pumps will be driven by high voltage shore power. Furthermore, shore dock power supply to docked ships can be supplied by the onboard power system.


Length overall: 180 m
Breadth inside: 30 m
Depth: 14 m
Design draught: 13 m
Draught above keel blocks: 8.5 m
Lifting capacity: 10,000 t
Cranes: 2 x 10 t


Today was the official inauguration of Dock 5, Jep…

The new 25,000 m² yard area was officially inaugurated today by Orskov Yard and Port of Frederikshavn. The area comprises of Dock 5 and Jeppe Ørskov Pier. Furthermore, Arne Ørskov Vej, which is the main road on the new port expansion was also officia…

Polar Nattoralik in dock 5

Polar Nattoralik, Polar Seafoods new 80 meters long Arctic Trawler docked in our new dock 5 in February/March with a draft of 8.4 meters. In the picture our SYNCROLIFT Bilge support arms are in operation. These arms are hydraulically operated and rem…

Today Orskov Yards new floating dock arrived in Fr…

”The arrival of our floating dock to Port of Frederikshavn is a milestone for Orskov Yard, and we cannot wait till we get to use the dock in the beginning of the new year. As far as I know, It has been more than 40 years since a new floating dock has…

Watch the launch of dock 5

Our new floating dock has left Turkey. ETA in Frederikshavn in mid August. We hope and cross our fingers for a safe journey. Watch the launch of the dock here:  

Our new floating dock is quickly taking shape

The building of our new floating dock is progressing very fast at Hat-San Shipyard in Turkey – with more than 70% of all the building blocks now on the slipway. The outfitting and tank coating has started while supervised by our local site team from …

New floating dock is taking shape

On September 17, Lars Fischer, Christina Ørskov and Henrik Jensen visited Hat-San in Turkey to inspect the progress and quality of our new floating dock. More than 300 employees are currently involved in the construction of the dock, and at the time…

ORSKOV YARD expands the dock capacity considerably

Orskov Yard have contracted a newbuild floating dock at Hat-San shipyard in Turkey. The Shipyard will start construction in the Spring 2019, and the floating dock will be delivered in June 2020 at the shipyard. Late 2020 the floating dock will be pla…

Arrival of dock 5


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