we support a wide range of Maritime segments

  • Tankers

    Maintenance and repairs are our core business areas and has been so since our humble beginning more than six decades ago.
    Our know-how and redelivery on time attract customers from all around the world. Together with some of the leading specialist, within the tanker industry, we have the experience and capabilities to perform jobs, such as:

    · Handling of tank washing water and slop
    · Overhaul of thrusters in drydock, workshop or afloat
    · Overhaul and repair of engines and turbo chargers
    · Overhaul of safety and pressure/vacuum valves
    · Overhaul of deepwell cargo pumps
    · Cleaning of thermal oil system
    · Inspection and repair of cargo tanks
    · Overhaul of electrical motors and fans
    · Service and repair of propulsion system
    · Inspection and repair of boiler
    · Hull and tank treatment

    Our entire organization is built around the concept of maximum flexibility and availability 24/7 and we have the capabilities to handle everything from repair or conversions to retrofit of equipment such as:

    · Scrubber
    · Ballast Water Treatment System
    · Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    · Fuel optimized propulsion system
    · Alternative power; such as LNG and Battery
    · Conversion of traditional stern tube system to biodegradable oil or water lubricated

  • Navy vessels

    Orskov Yard received a contract for a major upgrade on the THETIS class in June 2015. In the National Defense Agreement 2010-14 it was concluded that the 4 units of the THETIS class should to be updated for continued usage. “Orskov Yard has been officially evaluated by the Danish Navy, and given the grade 10 out of 12 which equals very satisfying.” The extremely high score was given for aspects such as: corporation, supplier organization, production planning, quality, safety, subcontractors, material delivery, approvals, documentation, Corporate Social Responsibility, military safety, press matters and other remarks.

  • Fishing Vessels

    In the Spring of 2018 the two Fishing vessels Sivulliq and Inuksuk from Baffin Fisheries were overhauled and refitted at Orskov Yard. Duane Hawkins, Trawler Manager / Naval Architect at Baffin Fisheries said the following after their stay:

    “Thank you all for the professional and efficient work the past four months. You are all excellent to work with, there wasn’t one worker I dealt with that wasn’t pleasant all day every day, despite long days and hard work. A lot of hours were punched by all of us, so here’s to a relaxing summer and a prosperous one for all.”

  • Offshore support vessels

    In the Spring 2018 Orskov Yard performed 10-year class renewal for V.ships and BP on the two Caledonian vessels: Vigilance and Vision. The platform support vessels were overhauled and fully sandblasted and painted. Stuart Ironside, Fleet Manager at V.ships Offshore said the following after the job was done:

    “I have been in ship management for the last 18 years and have been in Shipyards all over the world, the customer service we received at Orskov is second to none.”

  • Ro-ro and ferries

    National Geographic Orion arrived in Frederikshavn on 25th February on a Heavy Lift Vessel, having traveled more than 9200 Nautic Miles. Orskov Yard was chosen for the engine replacement job, as we were able to meet the required timeline. Keith Adams, Ship Superintendent, NG Orion, Lindblad Expeditions said the following after the job was done:

    “Orskov had competitive pricing but top of the line quality, and the deadline was meet with 10 days to spare!” The main job was to remove and replace the main engine. Furthermore, additional jobs were performed such as:

    · 5 years class survey
    · Overhaul of auxiliary engines, rudder and propeller
    · Reinforcement of ice fins and teak deck
    · Upgrade of the interior
    · Blasting and painting of tanks, flat and side bottom and topside

  • Other vessel types

    Orskov Yard has the experience in maintenance, repair, modification and conversion of a vast number of vessel types. Besides above regularly serviced vessels, we also provide our services for following vessels:

    • Dredgers
    • Cable laying vessels
    • Wind farm installation and service units
    • Floating Cranes
    • Barges


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