Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasting with robots at Orskov Yard

Orskov Yard and its surface treatment supplier, Premator, have made a significant facility upgrade with an investment in state of the art Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasting equipment. Water blasting is a fast and efficient alternative to sand blasting. The method uses blasting pressure up to 3200 bar, with an arm reaching up to 32 meters from the dock floor. You will benefit from the robots’ flexibility and dust free work reducing your ship’s hull treatment time significantly.

“With our in-house latest technology water blasting equipment, including robots, crawlers and handheld units, we can blast over 200 m2 per hour. Since the method is dust-free it does not interfere with other dock work, which can then be performed at the same time.” – Premator Denmark.

Apart from removing old coatings and rust, the ultra-high pressure blasting also removes deeply embedded crystallized salt, resulting in a notable reduction in the chloride levels on the surface, which has been proved to be the single most important phase in the surface treatment operation by extensive testing. Under normal production circumstances the first test period with these machines covered 25.000m2 of combined full and spot blasting reducing the consumption of grit close to 95%. The major coating manufacturers have recognized the benefits of water blasting and they have developed a range of surface-tolerant primers and coatings, which have been designed specially to adhere to water blasted surfaces.

Equipment at the Orskov Yard facility:

  • DockMate – Reaching height 32m
  • DockBoy – Reaching height 10m
  • SpiderJet – Hull crawler
  • Aquablast Plus – Deck blaster
  • Handheld units with 3000 bar working pressure