The Danish Frigate F-363 NIELS JUEL at Orskov Yard

The state-of-the-art Frigate, NIELS JUEL from the Danish Royal Navy is currently docked at Orskov Yard for a 10-year class survey.

The Frigate is a part the IVER HUITFELDT Class, a very successful class, which has been in operation worldwide supporting Danish activities. The performance of the IVER HUITFELDT Class is widely recognised and since it entered into service in 2012 the design has been adopted by other international navies. The hull design of the IVER HUITFELDT-class derives from the ABSALON-class, which also has ben serviced by Orskov Yard over the past years.

During NIELS JUEL’s yard stay at Orskov Yard a comprehensive maintenance and up-grade program will be performed including upgrade of the traditional water lubricated stern tube with a new water lubricated system. Both propellers are removed from the vessel, brought to the workshop, and thoroughly checked for damages, straightness, and dimensions in order to obtain perfect fit for the new bearings. The old stern tube is cut out, and replaced with Wärtsilä´s Envirosafe composite stern tube bearings together with new water lubricated stern tube seals. The system offers an environmentally friendly, low maintenance, high performance sealing solution and prevents expensive emergency dockings, downtime, and leakage.

In addition to the stern tube replacement both propeller are overhauled, a Ballast Water Treatment System and an energy optimised cooling plant is installed. Furthermore , the hull bottom has been Ultra High-Pressure Water blasted and a new painting system applied.

Orskov Yard has a long-term frame agreement in place with the Royal Danish Navy, and is a trusted partner for maintenance and conversion of the three biggest Navy classes.