Tankers at ORSKOV YARD

This Summer, Orskov Yard has carried out maintenance and repairs of various Tankers. Quality and re-delivery on time were just some of the reasons why we were chosen for these drydockings. Besides maintenance and class related repairs Orskov Yard repaired a hull steel damage, installed a complete Ballast Water Treatment Systems and performed other jobs, such as:

  • Overhaul of thrusters
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Handling of slops
  • Overhaul and repair of engines and turbo chargers
  • Overhaul of safety and pressure/vacuum valves
  • Overhaul of deepwell cargo pumps
  • Cleaning of thermal oil system
  • Inspection and repair of cargo tanks
  • Overhaul of electrical motors and fans
  • Service and repair of propulsion system
  • Inspection and repair of boiler
  • Hull and tank treatment

Orskov Yard has the equipment to overhaul and test all types of valves onboard a large tanker vessel and large heated workshops to bring deepwell cargo pumps in for overhaul. Electrical motors and fans are often brought to our electromechanical workshop at shore right next to our drydock. Here we have the equipment to perform repairs, overhaul, dynamic balancing, laser alignment and rewinding of electric motors, generators and transformers etc. Orskov Yard offers a one stop service and we are ready to give our best quotation for your next yard stay.