Sustainable solutions at Orskov Yard – Save fuel with ultra-high pressure water blasting and application of silicone paint

At Orskov Yard we are striving to improve our performances in sustainable solutions offered at Orskov Yard. In November Express 2, which is managed by Molslinjen was in our dock 4 for yearly maintenance and repairs. During the stay, 2400m2 of paint was removed using our ultra-high pressure water blasting robots, to prepare the surface for application of silicone paint. In order to reach the optimal conditions, a tent was built around the underwater hull area and the correct atmosphere were controlled by heaters and humidifiers, meaning that we can offer this treatment all year round. With this treatment, a vessel can reach up to 8 percent fuels savings over the entire docking interval compared to other best-in-class antifouling.

We want to meet the world’s increased demand for energy in a sustainable way based on economic installation of environmental solutions. According to IMO; International Shipping is the most efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly mode of transporting goods around the world. In other words, the future lies in upgrading your vessel to meet the future requirements.