Regina C at Orskov Yard

This Spring, one of the most advanced freezing trawlers visited Orskov Yard. Regina C has a length of 80 meters and was built with the highest Baltic ice-class rating, and is an Arctic factory freezer trawler for Niisa Trawl, located in Nuuk, Greenland. Regina C is outfitted primarily for the northern coldwater shrimp fishery in arctic areas, but options for other fisheries have been incorporated into its design, including the ability to easily upgrade to triple trawl capacity. The vessel is designed by Skipsteknisk and was built in Spain 4 years ago.

High standard, comfortable and modern housing facilities have been provided for 32 persons in 10 single cabins plus 11 double cabins. Regina C offers the highest possible safety standards for the crew during all kinds of operations and weather conditions. The fishing vessel is currently catching Greenland shrimp. The catch is being processed into “cooked”, “industry” and Japan qualities and then frozen and packed, mainly palletized, and finally offloaded ashore.

Regina C was at Orskov Yard for maintenance and upgrades. We have great experience with installation and upgrade of fishing equipment. During the yard stay this modern fishing vessel was upgraded with 4 new winches to enable the vessel to fish with triple trawls. In addition to this, the aft Gallow Deck was changed to double sled, trawl way was extended, and the existing capstans was modified.

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