Wave-piercing bow for a high-speed ferry

Rapid restoration: Orskov constructs a new wave-piercing bow for a high-speed ferry in just 10 days

Immediate assistance was needed when a high-speed ferry accidentally hit the quay. We responded promptly and provided the customer with a 7×3 meter wave-piercing bow within ten days of the initial inquiry.

As a specialist in large, complex aluminum structures, and a strong track record of on-time deliveries, Orskov was an obvious choice for the customer, a North European shipping company with over 70 vessels.

“The customer chose us because of our quality and extensive experience with high-speed craft structures. We have certified welders in-house, which enables us to deliver at short notice,” explains Sales Manager, Martin Christensen.

At Orskov, we have worked closely with this particular customer for years, regularly performing class surveys and planned maintenance on its fleet. Consequently, despite the short turnaround time, the customer had faith in our competence to complete this complex task.

We committed to a 14-day delivery timeline. However, by constructing the wave-piercing bow solely from drawings while the vessel remained at the quay, we managed to deliver it a full four days ahead of schedule. This expedited delivery ensured the ferry could return to operation swiftly.

”Besides constructing the wave piercer, we also handled the transport in cooperation with Blue Water Shipping. We planned to depart on a Tuesday. However, due to a public holiday, driving a truck in Germany was restricted from noon the following day. So, they brought in an extra driver and traveled nonstop, and successfully delivered the bow to the customer on Tuesday at 11 p.m.”, says Martin Christensen.

At Orskov Yard, we are certified in welding aluminum, titanium, duplex, and Hardox.


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