Krossøy at Orskov Yard

The Norwegian Fishing vessel Krossøy was at our yard in April for a 5-year class renewal survey. During the stay, class related work and general maintenance were carried out, which also included inspection and maintenance of MOB DAVIT, overhaul of thruster, and renewal of hydraulic lines. After several years of good maintenance of the vessel, a thick layer of paint has been built up on the hull and in order to maintain the high quality of paint work, Orskov Yard blasted the complete hull, by using our ultra-high pressure water blasting robots. With this equipment we are able to blast over 200 square meters per hours, which ensures an efficient and time saving treatment of our customers vessels. The vessel was repainted in new colors and is now back in operation looking new. We experience an increase of requests for complete hull blasting, by using ultra high pressure water blasting robots, as this process ensures a time-saving, high quality result and due to the dust less operation, it is still possible to carry out work on thrusters and propellers, simultaneously, with this treatment.

Furthermore, Orskov Yard also offer metallization of the stern, by using thermal spaying with zinc or aluminum, which is a very durable rust protection method. It is suitable for application in highly corrosive environments, as well as areas exposed to mechanical damage. For further information, contact our sales department.