Juvel becomes Jawhart Al Wusta at ORSKOV YARD  

The 100 meter long fishing vessel Juvel arrived Frederikshavn and ORSKOV YARD in March, and after an extensive conversion Jawhart Al Wusta will be leaving the shipyard on 22nd of December . The name change is only one of many changes the fishing vessel has been undergoing while at the yard. The large conversion of the vessel included removal of existing krill factory, installation of a completely new pelagic factory, RWS tanks, cargo holds, as well as, an upgrade to new accommodation, and ventilation system. See all the updates on our website. We are very experienced within installation of new fish processing, and fish pumping plants, and with our large network of subcontractors we can cover all aspects of upgrades of fishing vessels. With our new floating dock ready for operation in January 2021 we are excited to get even more capacity for even bigger vessels. Does your vessel need an upgrade too?

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More details on the updates done while on our yard:

  • Conversion from Receiver tank to RSW tank
  • 3 new RSW tanks incl. piping
  • Replace boiler and osmosis plant
  • Installation of new winches, fish pumping plant and landing equipment
  • Installation of new crane for fishing equipment handling
  • Installation of 23 New plate freezers
  • Re-insulate cargo hold and RSW tanks