High demand for ballast water treatment systems

Since the BMW Convention entered into force September 2017 the demand for efficient ballast water treatment systems that deliver compliance with the new regulations have been in high demand. The increased demand has not gone unnoticed by Orskov Yard, and our team has been busy installing ballast water treatment systems on vessels with a renewal survey.

In close cooperation with market-leading suppliers of BWT systems, Orskov Yard offers total BWT installations for various types of vessels. We guarantee an efficient installation process with absolute minimum downtime for the vessel.

Our services include:

  • Pre-project survey, 3D scanning and engineering
  • Prefabrication of pipes and foundation for BWTS
  • Installation of pipes, foundation and support
  • Re-routing or renewal of existing pipes
  • Installation of BWTS UV and filtration unit
  • Electrical installation of BWTS components, control screens and cabinets

To reduce installation time, pipes can be prefabricated and ready for installation upon arrival. For compliance with the latest ballast water treatment regulations, contact us already today for a quote on your BWTS installation.