Gijon Knutsen at Orskov Yard

The large DP2 Shuttle Tanker “Gijon Knutsen” owned and managed by Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers, just departed from Orskov Yard after a main class renewal and ballast water treatment system installation. This type of ballast water treatment system is named KBAL® and is developed by Knutsen Technology, which uses a special technology to eliminate organisms instead of a filter unit. The pressure vacuum reactor working in combination with a vertical ballast water drop line, creating a rapid pressure drop towards vacuum which ruptures and kills the majority of the organisms – any remaining bacteria is effectively eliminated by the UV Chamber mounted down steam on the pressure vacuum reactor. Due to the highly effective and compact pressure vacuum reactor, the system does not need any filters nor chemicals, hence a minimum foot print is ensured. Besides BWTS installation, class related work, and general maintenance, the following were also carried our during the stay at our yard:

  • Overhaul of electrical motors
  • Overhaul of Generator
  • Overhaul of ME Turbo charger
  • Overhaul of aux generator in workshop
  • Overhaul of 2 thrusters
  • Overhaul of azimuth thruster
  • Installation of KBAL (Ballast water treatment system.)
  • Upgrade of propellers shaft seals (Wärtsilä airguard type)
  • Installation of KVOC® 2 system (Knutsen Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • 5 year inspection of the cargo cranes, life boat Davit, free fall Davit system, mob boat davit
  • Service of switchboards and breakers