Ek-stream in Dock 5

The Oil/Chemical tanker Ek-Stream from Ektank AB was at Orskov Yard in May for maintenance, repairs and class related work. This modern vessel fit perfectly in Dock 5 with the capacity of 19881 DWT, LOA of 153,96, and a width of 23,88 meters. Ektank is a family owned business, like Orskov Yard, with a high priority of safety and reliability. This docking was carried out in just 10 days, which amongst others included hull treatment, modification of pipes with installation of more than 60 meters of stainless steel pipe, fabrication and installation of insulation pads, overhaul of bottom and general maintenance. At Orskov Yard we offer an efficient process with minimum downtime for the vessel. Thanks to the Owner, Ektank, and all involved personnel and crew, for a good cooperation and for trusting us with their vessel.