Danish Frigate Peter Willemoes at ORSKOV YARD

Peter Willemoes is a state of the art battle ship designed to solve complex naval operations, fight submarines, surface vessels, and airborne targets. At Orskov Yard, we are very proud to be one of the largest contractor to the Danish Navy, and we have been for several years. In order to work on these modern navy vessel, our company and all personnel from the yard, as well as subcontractors are required to obtain a security approval from the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS). These approvals are given after a thorough investigation and evaluation of each individual company and person.

The ship was at the yard for maintenance and main class renewal and a major conversion of the stern tube. In corporation with Wärtsila, Orskov Yard upgraded the traditional water lubricated stern tube with a new water lubricated system. Both propellers were removed from the vessel, brought to the workshop, and thoroughly checked for damages, straightness, and dimensions in order to obtain perfect fit for the new bearings. The old stern tube was cut out, and replaced with Wärtsilä´s Envirosafe composite stern tube bearings together with new water lubricated stern tube seal boxes. The system offers an environmentally friendly, low maintenance, high performance sealing solution and prevents expensive emergency dockings, downtime, and leakage.

Furthermore, a ballast water treatment system was installed within a very limited space. These vessels are designed with double redundancy with two separate systems of all essential equipment, such as two engine rooms etc. Peter Willemoes was a great challenge which was solved with good corporation between the yard, the owners, and the subcontractors. All jobs were carried out within a tight timeline, and the vessel is now back in operation.

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